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National Eye Care, Inc. specializes in eye care services for secure environments. Our innovative products and professional services are designed so that federal, state, county and hospital based administrations can meet their goals of providing quality eye care to their respective populations.

Optometric Care

National Eye Care, Inc. optometrists provide quality care to your facility population:


  • Routine and medically indicated refractive exams for visual acuity and eye health conducted by licensed optometrists in the local community

  • Glaucoma, Cataract and Diabetic Testing: providing retinal screenings on diabetic patients, glaucoma evaluations on high risk populations, and cataract checks on patients taking psychotropics

  • Medical referrals to ophthalmologists/physicians as needed


Our eye doctors bring portable equipment on-site to provide the community standard of care they would in their private practices.

Optometric Equipment
Optometric Equipment

National Eye Care, Inc. develops comprehensive equipment programs to provide quality care for our patients. We assist clients in assessing their individual needs for optometry equipment: examination chairs, project eye charts, phoropters and tonometers. Our eye equipment programs are designed to provide refractive and comprehensive eye care. Vision testing tools are also available, including snellen charts, color vision tests, and visual field tests. Equipment can be new or previously owned, based on facility objectives and budget. Our management team consults with clients to determine if equipment brokerage or installation will be most beneficial for their institution:


  • Portable: Custom-designed mobile optometry units for on-site clinics. These equipment pieces are space saving, removable and secure

  • Permanent: Professional, full-examination on-site optometric equipment installed to accommodate high volume clinics

Optical Programs

Safe Frame Info

Optical Programs

National Eye Care, Inc. provides clients with eyewear that is consistent with individual institutional policies. We provide eyeglasses, contacts and Safe Frame glasses. Our full service optical laboratory currently manufactures eyewear that meets or exceeds ANSI Z80.1 dress and safety standards.


Our eye glasses come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of your facility:


  • Safe, plastic frames 

  • Plastic and metal frames

  • Stylish premium metal frames

  • Safety eyewear


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